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Tracy Clark Headshot 1.jpeg

Meet, Tracy Clark

Head of People Operations

Whats your favourite thing about working at HARDlight?

How we look after our teams on all levels. It's my role to ensure that each person is happy and fulfilled whilst at work and HARDlight are always looking at how we can better this.

What makes working at HARDlight different?

The culture! We have such an amazing team of people that all want to deliver the best we can. We have a people first approach and that really shows through in the day-to-day work that we do.

Favourite Game?

Abe's Odyssey! And a little bit of Fortnite now and again.

Favourite moment at HARDlight?

The opening of our first floor refurb! So many months of work went into this that I was so excited to see everyone's reaction to the space and how it was designed. We made sure that our approach included neurodiversity and wellbeing, and how important each person is to us.

What are you most proud of?

Introducing the SEGA Wellbeing Pledge in 2019. Wellbeing has been a priority of HARDlight for years, and to introduce a pledge supporting this across the different studio's was a proud moment for me.