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Team Build Day
19th July 2023

Team Build Day

In July we marked our first face-to-face Team Building Day since before covid. We were determined to make it a great day when we came together to work together and have fun.

From balancing on a beam for half a minute, blindly stopping a timer at the 20-second mark, guiding teammates to drop a ball into a vessel, stacking cups, separating white and red balls against the clock and more, there was something for everyone! All tasks at quick glance look simple enough but with the timer running down, risk of points depleting and the intensity of being within The Cube, it was tough for teams to not break under the pressure.

We sun appeared, which meant we could enjoy our outdoor activities. Tucked away in a shaded nook we had falconry where our team got to meet 4 birds of prey, learn a bit about their lifestyles and handle them. In the open field, we had:

Segways - teams were tasked with navigating an obstacle course of cones in the quickest time

Human Football Table - two teams competing against each other to score the most goals

Axe Throwing - teams attempted to throw an axe and try to get a bullseye for optimal points!

Laser Clay Shooting - teams took turns shooting a flying target with a laser shotgun for points

Beach volleyball - two teams competing against each other in a giant inflatable arena

It was great for the team to be together again where we could build on our communication, collaboration and team bonding.