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Sega Hardlight

We know that trust, support, and mutual respect are key to a psychologically safe workplace, and we aim to promote a culture where people can speak openly about their mental health.

At HARDlight we aim to create a culture that is positive, flexible and supportive of a healthy working environment.

Our commitment is to encourage and promote good mental health for all staff through a proactive, preventative, and transparent approach. 

HARDlight provides a range of employee wellbeing and mental health aids such as: trained mental health first aiders, Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), external counsellors and access to Calm (meditation app).

In addition to mental health, HARDlight focuses on physical and financial wellbeing as well. We provide support services to help with financial and money management and a variety of physical health services such as: on-site health assessments and annual flu jabs, weekly yoga, monthly massages and an annual duvet day.