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Joe Stone

Meet, Joe Stone

Game Director

As HARDlight’s Game Director, Joe is responsible for overseeing the overall direction of an entire project; art, design, audio all the way through to code, although he leaves the real technical stuff to our expert engineering team. Alongside all of this, Joe liaises with the marketing team and our external partners.

Before his role of Game Director, Joe studied as an artist in an Interactive Entertainment degree at university. It was a very technical degree which involved most aspects of games development from early inception through to developing and programming your own game and it gave a great exposure to most game disciplines. While this had its positives, Joe says it also put him in that difficult situation of being a jack of all trades. From here he focused on his passion for art and spent 18 months developing a strong 3D Art portfolio to get a foot in the industry.

Joe landed his first games industry job shortly after this at the prestigious Core Design in 2005 as an environment artist where he was lucky enough to work on a number of early PlayStation 2, Xbox and PSP titles including an unreleased Tomb Raider title. From this point, Joe pursued a career as an artist moving to a Technical Artist role, he joined SEGA back in 2008 working on SEGA Rally Revo.

According to Joe ‘HARDlight’s best asset is its people, the fantastic team members he works with every day that makes it such a great place to work. We are a relatively small team (around 50 staff currently) which really means you get to know everyone well and you can pool everyone’s strengths to get the best for the games we develop. As part of SEGA we also benefit from all their guidance and industry experience, with a huge back catalogue of nostalgic titles and IP it makes every new game we work on exciting. SEGA has always been a positive employer with great benefits for all its staff which also helps’.

You’ll recognise Joe as the one who gallops between meetings and if you ever hear a spontaneous burst from a harmonica, that’ll be coming from Joe’s desk. As well as being known for his upbeat and positive face around the office, he’s also well known for his pets, which include a fabulous Cocker Spaniel called ‘Smudge’ and three rather messy ducks named ‘Quackers’, ‘Cheese’ and ‘Pickles’, who we think you’ll agree, have some of the best names you could ever give a team of ducks. 

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